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Performance at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC



On July 20, 2011, as part of the Library of Congress Homegrown Concert series, Persian hammered dulcimer (santour) virtuoso, Kiu Haghighi, is accompanied by Tooraj Moshref-Zadeh on the tombak, a Persian drum.


NEW ALBUM RELEASE - Unity: East & West



Kiu's most recent innovation is the combination of santour and piano. These include all of the pieces in this CD, with the exception of the well-known classics, Saghinameh and Malaguena. His accompanist is his daughter, Keely Haghighi, who began her music study as a Suzuki piano student at Mundelein College in Chicago, IL. She continued her classical piano study at Clark University.


This CD has allowed Kiu to explore and introduce new possibilities of playing the existing potential of these two instruments. The father and daughter team is dedicated to the ideal that their music is the true ambassador for international and cross-cultural cooperation and understanding.

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Kiu Haghighi performs a varied program of classical Persian music styles. His santour program can be presented solo or with an additional Persian percussion instrument and performer for a fuller musical effect. All of the concert pieces are Kiu Haghighi's own compositions. Kiu offers a forty-five minute performance which highlights the exciting classical forms of Persian Music.





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